1. Big news for Warhol fans - Hundreds of Warhol’s films, many never before seen by the public, will be converted to digital format through a new partnership announced by The Warhol, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and MPC, a global leader in VFX (visual effects) and a Technicolor company…

    Click here to read the press release!


  2. The 3:00 Book by Beth Heinly


  3. Bananazz by Andrew Jeffrey Wright


  4. Check out CultureSpots, the Philly-based project that’s aiming to rejuvenate museums across the country!


  5. New review on artblog: Studying Matisse at the Barnes Foundation. Click here to read!


  6. Are You an Artist Who Loves Cats?

    Consider submitting to Cats: The Viral Image, curated by Belinda Haikes!

    Exhibition Info:

    Cats: The Viral Image (working title)

    Cats in the contemporary context function as a viral image, but also bring with the image a rich history.  This collection of works looks at the image of the cat in contemporary moment, from political uses to humorous engagement, highlighting the image of cats in modern culture!

    Proposals are due October 15th to belhaikes@gmail.com. Please send a jpg image no larger than 1200 px, and 150 words along with your contact information for consideration!


  7. Friend of artblog Ron Kline is showing work in State of the City 2014 at the Rochester Contemporary! Check out http://www.rochestercontemporary.org/state_14.html for more info!


  8. News Post - Polly Apfelbaum in Hudson NY, Ultra Violet archive unveiled, Gallery Joe’s good reads, opportunities and more! Click here to read.


  9. August 19th - Don’t miss the next Rescue or Destroy, “the place where artwork leaves the market!” Click here for more information.


  10. Update: Michelle Post’s commissioned works for Grounds for Sculpture have been sandblasted, cast in aluminum, and are now on their way to be painted! Congratulations, Michelle!


  11. Bananazz by Andrew Jeffrey Wright


  12. The 3:00 Book by Beth Heinly


  13. Columbia College Chicago’s A+D Gallery will launch Cargo Space: Chicago/Milwaukee on August 14th! For more information about this unique exhibition that has been described as “part tour bus, part utility vehicle,” click the link above!


  14. New on artblog - The Denizens of Pines at Gravy Studio and Gallery